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A New Model for Full Planetary Phases: The Venus Journey . This Aries Journey may be about acting from our creative natures, bravely.
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But why would that CNN special about Melania be airing now? Is your horoscope scheduled for a potential break-out or break-up? If so, life will be easier if you are prepared to channel that buzz of excitement — or manage any surprise that may be in store. A Scorpio Moon drives this day with a need for emotional intensity, secrets, power and control.

Unlike the trine, the opposition is a challenging aspect.

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Two planets are literally opposed to one another; how will they integrate? Mars is the energy of action and heat. Saturn is the energy of structure and cold. Thus Mars and Saturn can run hot and cold, suggesting that a project running merrily along is suddenly blocked — or attacked. On the plus side, it can be quite helpful for investigative reporting. If you can start the weekend early, please do.

If you were born around the th of January, April, July or October or have a planet around degrees of Cancer, Aries, Libra or Capricorn, you are more likely to be feeling provoked, for better or for worse. And you should also be checking in with your astrologer to discuss all of the happenings in your horoscope now — and into early Uranus is a disruptor; Taurus refers to money, bulls and cows, ownership, material security, food, earth. With Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces , we expect boats, oil, toxins, refugees, lies, religion, foreign affairs, belief, horses, publishing, press, spies, scandal, drugs, big, big — and did I mention BIG?

Last year, with transiting Uranus disrupting her sense of aesthetics and values, she was kicked out of a restaurant. Bye, Felicia! The second exact hit is June 15th tomorrow ; Pluto on Mars can be ruthless. Not bloody likely to be fired in , with transiting Jupiter facilitating an aura of protection in her career sector. Maybe he has a Capricorn Ascendant.

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Who knows. Stewart , but the influence of wiggy Neptune is well behind him. That means his solar return — the chart for the moment the sun returns to where it was on the day he was born — includes all of the challenging patterns we are seeing in the headlines now: the reality-challenge of Jupiter square Neptune ; the militant discipline of Mars opposing Saturn ; the combative mindset of Mars conjunct Mercury , ruthlessly pushing the authoritarian Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn agenda.

We also see rebel Uranus in the First House of the solar return chart, echoing a go it alone potential. I love this innovative approach to forestry Uranus in Taurus , combined with practical composting in matters of life and death Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. Belief in astrology and the occult is surging. This surge in belief is primarily among the young. You wanna know why? Because those years old were born with Uranus in Aquarius…and most of them have Neptune in Aquarius , too. Aquarius refers to innovation, technology and astrology.

Uranus is innovation and astrology. Neptune is faith and a dissolving of boundaries. So this generation needs to have an innovative perspective on science and astrology…perhaps even blurring the lines between pure science and art. Not only that, but this generation is experiencing transiting Uranus in early Taurus activating their collective Uranus and Neptune in early Aquarius. So their affinity for astrology Uranus and the occult Neptune is being outed at this time. Oh, these highly-paid pundits. They can tell us so much…without really knowing WHY. Thank goodness for astrology! I wrote a lot about David Brooks in and when he started writing more and more about spirituality and morality.

That need was so clearly articulated in his horoscope. Why or why not? More of the same from Sunday. If you wanted to sneak in an extra vacation day, this would be a day to do it. Otherwise, stick to routine and avoid impulse shopping sprees. I find writing flows easily during long Moon voids — if drafting or brainstorming needs to be part of your work flow today, have at it. Immigration and big lies: both are likely potentials during this Jupiter big in Sagittarius foreign, press square Neptune illusion, ideal, lies in Pisces refugees, victims.

Note that the last time Jupiter and the Sun were in a tense pattern was in March, so stories that were hot back then may be hot again now. The closer we get to the weekend, the more ruthless and militant the action and opinions are likely to get. According to her, both are delivering messages of faith and optimism, including religious faith. So where do we see that need for a message of faith and optimism?

In the Jupiter-Neptune square!! We also see in the horoscopes of Warren and Buttigieg that they have the ability to serve as effective and empowered messengers at this time. Robert J. Such a Debbie Downer! Are you more affected by the expansive optimism of the Jupiter-Neptune square or by the lean, mean focus of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction? Just chill! Watch, as over the next few days, we hear especially prominent news. So what happened? Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, which refers to the mindset, information and communication.

Gemini is a double-bodied sign it is represented by the Twins , and is thus capable of going either way — or more than one way simultaneously — in a situation. Gemini also rules the hands.

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It likes to have its hands in a lot of different pies. The closest aspect to this New Moon in Gemini is a square from Neptune, ruler of vision and rose-colored fog. In the chart set in Washington D. If the truth is out there, we may not see it quite yet. Until then we can dream, inspired by a high-functioning Mercury in Gemini the sign it rules and by the pixie-dusted action potential of a harmony trine between Mars and Neptune.

Upside potential: the highest good for all, based on genuine empathy and compassion. Downside potential because the square, while energizing, can be a challenge : bombastic opinions that may be delusional, possibly involving self-proclaimed victims tune your tiny violins now, please.

Elsewhere in the New Moon horoscope, rebel Uranus is running wild, suggesting more than the usual share of unconventional free spirits shaking up the system. Could be sublime; could be ridiculous. On with the show! You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you have a planet or angle around 13 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. Wherever it falls in your horoscope is the area that is likely to be ripe for innovative and visionary thought and communication.

The Cancer Moon shifts the focus to preserving emotional and home security, so plan accordingly. When have you ever heard a crab make a sound? Thought and communication that is intuited is favored until June 27th…and then again between July 19th and August 12th. Why the return engagement? Because dear Avid Readers, Mercury will be retrograde between July huzzah! Anything that is signed, sealed and delivered after June 20th is subject to review, review, review.

The evening is marked by a harmony with Neptune at PM ET, offering a dreamy or musical interlude. It happens at AM ET. During the five-hour Moon void, remember that crises which crop up are often much ado about nothing. Roll with the twists and flakes. Stick to routine. Avoid impulse shopping. At PM ET the Moon makes its weekly clash with disruptive Uranus , offering an opportunity to clear the air or shock the system. Stay tuned. Venus leaves Taurus for Gemini at PM ET, seeking diversity and clever conversation in values and social expression. How many summer loves would you like to have between now and July 4th?

He had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but was putting on a brave and determined face, true to his natal chart. And planetary patterns did look promising for a daring initiative.

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Neptune refers to music , as you know. Guess where Pluto, Saturn and the South Node have been for the past few months — and will continue to hover for a few months more? Right on that 19 Capricorn Sun, suggesting a need for streamlining, transformation and possibility even a toxic release. If you were born around January 9th, perhaps you can relate.

Pompeo and Kushner join the billionaire boat club.

Venus in Gemini

Elsewhere, Avid Readers will recall that transiting Jupiter is currently activating the U. The Ascendant refers to how his needs to be seen — as an executive in charge. The Pentagon was having none of it — as we would expect. Jupiter transits are often protective ones — and the horoscope lives forever. Her family runs a big shipping business in China…. My software program offers these interpretations:. Friday and Saturday are brought to you by the Moon in Taurus, apt for establishing material comfort and security.

Indulge in tangible, practical pleasures that favor the status quo. Enjoy your chill! Note that we are at the end of the lunar cycle, a time when we may feel restless or listless, sensing that something new is just around the corner. No sleeping in. With Mercury making contact with Neptune and Jupiter , we anticipated BIG statements of opinion, some of which may have been overly idealistic or muddled at best.

More rose-colored expressions were suggested by Venus in harmony with Neptune. Fun fact: Neptune refers to music, and I noticed more than one person humming to themselves on the streets of New York this week myself included. Did you have a musical escape, too? Here in these United States, Robert Mueller made a surprise announcement that the office of the Special Counsel is now closed.

He did not take questions. Notable takeaways:. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime. That is unconstitutional. Even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public view, that, too, is prohibited. Charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. And that allegation deserves the attention of every American. Everybody clear on this? With his Mercury and Mars in Virgo , seeking perfection in though and action, we can appreciate that Mueller would want everyone to get it. It must be frustrating to have transiting Neptune which dissolves whatever it touches , infringing on the perfect execution of Mars.

This cycle started in mid-March, and Avid Readers were advised that it would be significant. That is when he sent his report to AG William Barr, who wrapped it in duct tape and rose-colored fog.

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Wait and see. Meanwhile, we can all talk about whether or not Mueller is overly-idealistic to think that Congress will take action see quote 3 above. Thus it was disappointing to see the status quo preserved, and Netanyahu re-elected. Ohhhh — but wait! The fat lady has not yet sung in this opera, as Netanyahu has failed to form a government. After September 17, whoever wins will have 42 days to form a government…and on November 3rd, Israel will have the second hit of Uranus square its Moon.

Things get even more interesting in January Well, who needs tantrums in a weekend dominated by Mercury, Neptune and Venus? Bring on the tiaras! For some it was a lucrative opportunity. Are you due for a move, a split or a promotion? What do you really need to have in order to feel fulfilled? What is your purpose in this lifetime? These and other important questions can be answered in a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for the wonderful referrals. Your friends are fabulous…and so are you. Avid Readers know that Moon voids are apt times to avoid launching an initiative you hope will be of consequence. That includes major purchases. Stick to routine concerns; allow yourself to wander, even if you never make it to the office. Know that crises which crop up are likely much ado about nothing. Roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. One of those flakes could even be you. Today I almost poured cold water over my freshly-ground coffee; my mind was not quite focused.

That me-me-me Aries Moon will drive the week until AM ET on Friday, when a Taurus Moon demands that we consolidate our great ideas into something establishing a status quo. And what great ideas we are likely to see in the headlines this week — some of which may not be based on reality! A traditional astrologer would say that Mercury is not at its best in Sagittarius; Jupiter is not at its best in Gemini. Here are some of the headlines from that week, with corresponding planetary patterns. As with this week, we see Mercury in a challenging relationship with Jupiter.

Two major patterns dominated the headlines last week — and will continue to do so. This pattern ruthlessly continues until at least January 12th, , when Saturn and Pluto stop flirting and finally hook up. The second pattern is the second of three squares a challenging aspect between Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius and Pisces , respectively.

Pushing the limits of faith? As you know, Jupiter turned retrograde at 24 degrees of Sagittarius in April. Why is this signifcant? So we were able to anticipate months ago that he would be pushing boundaries yugely during this time. After Jupiter turns direct on August 12th at 14 Sagittarius, it will hit Sagittarius for the third and last time in this cycle in October. Mars-Neptune square — and activated by transiting Jupiter:. Astrology is amazing. That was when transiting Jupiter was at 22 Sagittarius, triggering his Mars-Neptune opposition at 22 Gemini-Sagittarius.

I have yet to find a more empowering tool for understanding why you are the way you are and why things happen when they do. To find out when things are likely to happen in your life, why not consider scheduling a personal consultation to discuss your horoscope. Plan B: if you find this forecast engaging and informative, you may support the work by making a one-time or monthly contribution to the Cosmic Tip Jar.

And how was your Full Moon in Scorpio weekend? What should have the greater priority: what is mine or what is ours? Earlier that day, a harmony between Mercury mindset, communication and Pluto news from underground facilitated revelations. If you watched the SNL season finale, you would have noticed a focus on sensual concerns presented in exceptionally earthy, daring, provocative and definitely unconventional ways.

It was a welcome relief — and release — from an intense week. Still, there is a positive potential to Algol, which you can read about here. Meanwhile, one of the sketches on SNL involved a Ouija board and a female demon. Random observation on Game of Thrones : it was THE television series coinciding and reflecting the seven-year series of Uranus-Pluto squares in Aries which rules iron and Capricorn executive authority.

At the end of the day, the Iron Throne was destroyed, along with nearly everyone in the cast. But after the apocalypse, the survivors then focused on creating a variety of new democratic systems of governing. We can see how that trend could develop in real life, as in December Jupiter and Saturn collective beliefs and structure will meet up at 0 Aquarius the people.

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Looking even further ahead, we see Pluto leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius in Power to the people! Alabama happily obliged, as 25 white male Republicans voted to ban abortion, with no exception for rape or incest. A doctor who performs an abortion could be imprisoned for 99 years. Here is an awesome write-up, posted in November , when Doug Jones was running against accused sexual predator Roy Moore.

Meanwhile, as you would have seen in the awesome write-up, Alabama was ranked 31 among all states in the category of infrastructure. Two years later, it has slipped to In other news, when Venus is in a charged pattern with disruptive Uranus , we often see a record broken in the world of art. Last week that record went to U. As The Root irreverently reports, this is the highest amount ever paid for the work of a living artist.

How cool and progressive is Nevada? Here is one — a fine analysis — and astrology students can look and appreciate why Nevada will continue to make disruptive headlines into Are you due for a disruptive streak any time soon? Sign up here to receive these insightful forecasts by email. To schedule a personal consultation about your unique horoscope, drop me a line here.

If you prefer to go straight to the forecast, you may close this pop-up by clicking on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner. Search the Archives. Astrology for News Junkies. This planetary commentary offers advance notice and analysis on the zeitgeist of the day, with an emphasis on what's happening in the headlines. Good morning! Hello everyone. I appreciate your interest and kind comments about my work. Let's continue now with our visit to the Goddess of Love and Money. Venus and Saturn: This is not always such an easy visit!

If you respond well to structures, laws, rules, and regulations relative to your romantic and financial lives, well then this transit is for you. Nevertheless, several times a year, Venus will make a major transiting aspect to your natal Saturn. This will be a very good time to check out your budget or make one if you need to! After all, there is a reason why Saturn is exalted in Libra! Venus and Uranus: The contacts between Venus and Uranus are to this astrologer, some of the most interesting possible.

They awaken us not only to new possibilities within current relationships, but they also awaken us to completely new dynamics of relationships. Hmmmm, now that I am humming along, my own Venus in Pisces seems to be subjectively involved in this tune, but I also have natal Venus square Uranus! Most people cannot handle the intensity of romantic idealism that comes with the fusion of these two planets. Yes, they also inspire creatively and spiritually but to benefit most from the more refined and less personal dynamics of this pair of planets, one has to be firmly soul-centered.

Venus and Pluto: Should there be a positive natal affinity between these two planets such as a person with natal Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Virgo , then the transits between these two bodies can produce added success in career and finances. Individuals both in the generation with Pluto in Libra and natal with Pluto for example, trine natal Venus in Gemini or Aquarius, may also find that the transit from Venus to natal Pluto is very socially productive and profitable.

Another shooting in the US. This time the Sun is squaring Uranus as the triggering aspect.

Daily Horoscope

Strange that the time of day puts the Moon the public on the DSC an Note that Jupiter, as ruler of Sagittarius is currently conjunct the south node of Uranus 14 Sagittarius. Is this just a coincidence or a correspondance? Tomorrow August 1 is a special day: Mercury goes direct hurrah and not a moment soon! So for many of you, I am living proof that there is a tomorrow! Mercury goes direct at 24 degrees of Cancer and will take a few days to get himself sorted out so that he may boldly enter Leo at full speed ahead on August 11 at On August 1st there is a new moon at The New Moon is at 8Leo So what does this all mean?

For example, both Wira and I are Aries with Mars in Cancer and we are installing some additional security measures around our house between August 1 and August 4 we are leaving for Singapore on August 5th. How very Cancerian—indeed how very Mars-in-Cancer. This is also a nice way to make things more neat, tidy, and solid in terms of domestic matters. As I have the Moon in Gemini, and Wira has the Moon in Virgo, this transit of Mercury going direct in Cancer has stimulated definite responses in terms of home-related situations.

The rule is that the house illuminated by a New Moon in any of the signs, is a field of primary activity until the next New Moon. Leo is the sign of creative self-expression. It is thus closely related to the arts, children procreative self-expression , romance heart-centered activities , etc. During this New Moon, I will be traveling abroad and doing some teaching very 9th house activities and also receiving my grandson and a dear young lady friend whom I think of as a daughter very Leo circumstances and then will be traveling about with both of these young people Leo in the 9th!

Now you examine which house the New Moon falls in your chart, see if it touches within 5 degrees any planets by conjunction, square, opposition, or trine. Observe, wait, observe some more, and then at the conclusion of this lunar period on August 30th, see what conclusions you have reached and how the astrological Law of Correspondences has worked out for you or for any charts you are studying in this respect. The method works if you do the work with the method! Spiritual rewards come with spiritual efforts, that simple.

Love and blessings to one and all, Alan. There is a street bomb. Saturn, Pluto, and SWL are in the 3-door traffic and short trips. The Venus governor of the 1st home the general domestic situation of the country is strongly established in Taurus, but in the 7th house the house of the enemy and conj.

Mercury again moving and Sun state power weakly placed in Gemini are in the 8th house. The moon describing the people and the crowds is poor placed and is in the 4th house - which is opposed to the power of the 10th house, the house of the opposition power.

And most importantly, the next solar eclipse, which will be at 10 degr.. And we know that degr. It is separate from Mars and in 9 home. It seems the main purpose of the attack is destabilization of government power and death and fear again in the people. Gracias Durval!!! Que disfruten su ponencia!!!

Enjoy it!!! This line and the result is the same for tropical and sidereal astrologers. Mercury in Magha nakshatra feels very confident and royal about communicating or singing this to us. Jupiter magnifies the power of Venus in Libra the sign of partnerships , in the 3rd house of communication, but Venus and Jupiter together may come with complications. Uranian Astrology Hamburg School, tropical : 'Magnified' love with underworld and mighty bizarre elements are shown by his Hades. Venus and Vulcanus.