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As with any ritual Whether or not you agree with theories of reincarnation, this axis is a sensitive point in any chart and it deals with important life lessons.

Your current tendency to see things as black and white leaves out the richness of nuances. Libra Weekly Tarot March - Aquarian Insight Play Aquarian Insight 12, Libra sun, moon and rising, here are your weekly tarot messages for 4th to 10th March , tarot timings being what they are. It will be in the sign of Pisces, which represents inspiration, psychic sensitivity, compassion, mysticism, and connecting with the divine. When met by a charming smile from a stranger, our On September 28th , there is a New Moon in Libra, the zodiac sign ruled by Venus. Wondering who your soul mate is - and if this person might already be in your life or how to meet him or her?

This Tarot reading analyzes your side of the relationship as well as your love interest's side, and then shows you the final result. Your sense of balance in social situations means you can easily relate to others through finding the middle-ground. We also feature the best assortment of Libra horoscope predictions and astrology forecasts online! Click to visit our free Libra horoscopes throughout September and all the months of for our best Libra daily horoscopes and weekly Libra astro.

A deep understanding of what you can do to improve the situation and what could be left as is brings freedom from worry. Daily Libra Horoscope. Born with the Moon in Libra, you are likely to have an innate need to uphold justice in all concerns. Free horoscopes: get your daily horoscope, love horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, love astrology, career astrology, and more horoscopes from a trusted source. Angelorum is a blog for Tarot enthusiasts, from beginner to pro.

You are a justice-seeking soul, a peace-loving individual. The Tarot card of the Moon shows the dark inner world of fear and hunger where we build our protective Towers near the shores of the unconscious. We have the New Moon in Libra on the 19th of October in and like with all New Moons, it is a wonderful time to set goals for the coming lunar cycle. The cards are used as a tool to guide me along the way to provide the message that you need to hear. The Moon in Health Often the Moon can indicate issues with mental health.

About the Libra moon sign: Peace, love and harmony: such is the Libran way. Tarot is knowledge. Tarot Oracle: Daily Guidance. In the same way that Mars is making two visits to your romantic sector this year and has already spent time in retrograde motion, Venus is doing the same as she moves through Libra. You will be able to analyze in a better way any problem you face with your partner.

Anytime there is Moon energy afoot big things are sure to happen. Video horoscopes, consultations and articles about how the planets affect our soul's journey. You'll know how close you are to true love once you get your Soul Mate Tarot reading! View Sample Libra Is an air sign ruled by Venus the planet of love. Welcome to Soul Moon Tarot.

This is the second Full Moon in Libra of the year, which is actually a rare occurrence. The April 19th Full Moon falls at 29 degrees Libra and will be closing a portal of energy that began back in March. Most of all, you search out approval. The link to astrology, which is older by far than the Tarot, is obvious in several ways on the card's image.

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We are in a Justice year. Libra zodiac can help you learn about what financial issues you might face, or how your love life will react. Those who make solidarity movements could get a lot of help from third parties, which will also be beneficial for you in certain aspects of your lives. Insightful Astrology by Tarot. Tarot Card Oracle: Daily Guidance. This is a card of passion overriding reason, the influence of the full moon and the stillness of the lake giving the lovers the urge to make love above all else. Queen of Cups A state of gentle emotional peace wraps you in its arms this month, Libra.

Hi Tarot Tribe, we are coming up to New Moon time again soon. We're now approaching the full moon in Pisces. Many people know a lot about their Sun sign but have no idea of how their Moon is operating.

Libra soul moon tarot

Having a Super Moon at zero degrees is extremely potent and represents a wave of new potential. You may find it hard to understand where you are coming from, much less what others are thinking and feeling! The Full Moon in gracious Libra on April 11, , opposes the assertive Aries Sun to complicate interpersonal dynamics. Libra likes to get to know you. The catch is you gotta be quick because I only offer 3 readings at this rate per month! Photos courtesy of the author. The Libra Full Moon will take place on April 19 at 9.

At its best, Libra is an objective, sociably-oriented sign. The Black Super New Moon in Leo paired with the recent transformative eclipses and the In order to connect with our soul, we must allow unexpressed truth and emotions out of our Intuitive Soul Coach. You should be clear on communication with Libra Love and Relationships: This is a suitable time to take important decisions in personal life. The Moon moves into Aries today and will stay there until Tuesday. Moon Sign Calculator The sign occupied by the Moon at your time of birth is an indicator of your emotional and physical nature.

Much like those born with their Sun in Libra, a Libra moon sign yearns for complementary partnerships and dynamic duos. Real Sky Astrology is the brain child and intellectual property of tarot artist and author Julie Cuccia-Watts. The Moon Meaning. Give your love life a makeover with these tips for finding and cherishing your soul mate.

This potent Full Moon will be triggering our relationships, and helping us to find forgiveness and cut the cords on all that no longer serves us. The Libra Full Moon cycle will be in effect for the next 2 weeks. You will feel more emotional and sensitive than normal.

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Whenever you see a misbalance or threat to the harmony, you use your mediation skills to strike the argument down. It really will be the catalyst which helps to push you to ask for what you rightly deserve and what you have worked so hard to achieve. Hair Guru at OMGhairstyles. The first time we cried out in the dark for nourishment, our Moon was given expression.

No matter the depiction, it always stands for the darkness of our Soul, things we have yet to face and heal, and is an uneasy card to see in our layout even when something entirely rational is in question. A powerful new moon in Pisces unleashes our intuitive power. But the Moon Mother is always there to watch over us.

It is Venus who is keeping the seat warm until Mars returns. In the Your free monthly horoscopes Libra are just the tip of the iceberg. In emotional situations, the woman with Libra Moon tends to act very rationally and strives to make fair decisions. You start building a solid foundation based on trust one that will carry to future generations. Because it is now, and because you are ready.

This brings strong focus on all our relationships both with ourselves and with others, focus on creating balance within ourselves which is reflected outwards, on being fair with ourselves rather than being too hard or judgemental. Soul Warrior Tarot. Related metaphysical topics are also covered. Born with The Moon in Libra. It describes your unconscious, instinctive reactions, what is innate, perhaps inherited from your mother or reflected in the feminine dimension of your life. Libra General: This is going to be a good month for you with some stress or delay.

Tons of free Tarot spreads, tips and tools.

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In a twosome, they point in different directions. Not only our relationships with others but also with our self. On health front you determine to self-validate and believe in you as well as your talents. Be open to messages you receive from the universe today, and through the Monday.

Linda Goodman and some of her books

Libra Moon needs close friendship, partnership or marriage to feel nurtured and safe. Libra to Aries When a Air sign joins in love with an Fire sign, expect different opinions all over the place! Libra Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card. At first glance you may think you're looking at an insurmountable rocky cliff face with a difficult climb but if you take that challenge you will find yourself on a new level overlooking an amazing and liberating new vista. Today's supermoon tarot horoscopes, astrology predictions, and daily numerology for the first day of spring on the equinox of Wednesday, March 20, , are here for the zodiac signs.

The Moon in Aries, or High Priestess in the clothing of the Emperor, is a time of intensified emotions. Happy Birthday to all the Virgos! The Nodes of the Moon's influence in Click on the card to flip, and again for the meaning of the card. Wilde and this was quickly apparent in searching for a portrait of the famous aesthete, not all were as charming.

Read how Libra connects with other signs, which signs are most compatible for soul mate for Libra and which are not. Full Moon in Libra. The best days will be 18 and 19, with the Moon transiting over your own sign in its waning phase. You are quick to catch on to new ideas, grasp a concept that others are still struggling with, and can produce unusual or original things with your marvellous imagination.

Good news: you do not. Normally, harmony between self-centered Aries and relationship-oriented Libra is possible through negotiation and compromise, but we are less willing to cooperate. The fact that this Full Moon also falls around the same time as the Equinox enhances this energy, and brings new beginnings and fresh starts.

To book a The Moon. If you are interested in psychic development or healing work, you will find everything flows really naturally for you and you are open to receiving messages from spirit with this card in your Tarot reading. The images and numerology on its face are steeped in symbolism that offer clues about its meaning when it appears in a tarot spread. The Tarot Moon card stands for longing, the needs of the soul, just like the moon does in astrology.

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In fact, many people believe that the best time to do a Tarot reading is when you have a question. As human beings, we have a strange, but unconscious way of mimicking the behavior of others. The Moon is the card of illusion, deception, intuition, dreams, and the subconscious. For more information, click here. Take a look at the video below. Adan is a musician, performing under the name Adanowsky. The Moon in Pisces, or High Priestess dressed as the Moon, is a time of increased perception, ill-defined understanding and what might be described as night vision.

Be still, aware and fearless. It might be dark outside, but if there was ever a time you can navigate the unknown, this is it. Listen, breathe, flow. Today you might find yourself simply working and waiting. Keep your chin up! You are actively creating change in your life, but it takes time. Try not to get down on yourself while the process continues.

Commitment means sticking through the dull, tough times to reach your goal. In fact, the hardest part now is not to give up for fear of failure. Keep plugging away and you will succeed. You are currently viewing the archives for December, at The Tarot Room. High Priestess dressed as Emperor.

The new Ofcom rules state that: Television advertisements must not promote psychic practices or practices related to the occult. Ace of Cups. Page of Disks. The Moon moves into Pisces today, and stays there until Saturday.