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Mercury on the move. There's nothing wrong with ambition. It gets bad press. But unless you're totally ruthless and hell-bent on clambering over others to get to.
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Gain the confidence you need with the help of our experts. Today you could be experiencing some powerful feelings toward someone. Maybe you're growing deeper in love with your romantic partner? Your heart could be opening up to this person as you explore a new level of commitment and connection.

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If you're single, you might find yourself drawn to someone in your immediate circle. Being around them could be a heady experience that makes you feel a bit high! At this point, you're flying high, enjoying the career successes that you've achieved over the past several weeks. Today you could accomplish yet another goal, which adds to your feeling of accomplishment.

As a result, you might find yourself planning a vacation, or perhaps a return to college. The expansion of your horizons has not left you complacent. Instead, you want to continue expanding.

This is a very positive development. Go for it! It isn't out of the question that some older ideas or philosophies shed light on your path these days. Preferably do not take out loans, because they can cause problems due to unexpected circumstances. Uranus in Taurus in the eighth House of the Soul are also the years of inner self-discovery, which will be of inestimable value to you.

Scorpio For everyone with the Sun in Scorpio or a Scorpio ascendant. Uranus in Taurus from March 7, in the House of Relationships is a seven-year journey in which all kinds of relationships are put to the test, change or end when personal freedom and independence are at stake, such as your relationship, family, work, friendships or business cooperation. During these years with Uranus in Taurus, unexpected relationships with unusual partners can arise.

A satisfying and solid relationship remains the same. It may be that you decide to move on and live alone or you decide to live apart together. Changing together is often better than ending a relationship. It is important to give your partner space and freedom. Your partner has to do the same! Taurus is opposed to your sign of Scorpio, so with Uranus in Taurus there is no escape nor denial. There will be clarification in your intimate relationship, family, work, friendships or business cooperation. Whatever is clarified will certainly be an important turning point in your life.

Uranus in Taurus wants to break free the stagnating, restrictive energy in relationships to make room for more liberating forms of partnership! For everyone with the Moon in Scorpio, old, limiting unconscious emotional patterns in family dynamics will be broken.

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During this seven-year transit through the Sixth House of Work, Daily Routine and Health, your attitude towards your work and daily routine changes. Uranus in Taurus also learns that in addition to being of service to others, you also have obligations towards yourself. Events show that it is good to be of service, but you need to be happy, too. Boredom is part of this, because the same old dull routine day in and day out can also lead to frustration and stress.

If everything stays the same, you can literally get sick as a result of stress or a burn-out. Unexpected situations with colleagues or at the workplace may force you, as it were, to break out of daily habits in order to free yourself from old, stuck patterns that impede your freedom in daily life. For your health it is good to think outside the box so come up with alternatives to become and stay healthy and fit like a new form of sport or purifying diet.

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Your body changes and so does your life. This includes a different lifestyle. A new job, new way of sports practice, a new diet. Renewing yourself, that's what it's all about. The House of the Sun! The transit of Uranus in Taurus until the end of April is a true voyage of self-discovery!


Uranus in Taurus wants freedom and to be free. You are also looking for excitement in your relationship or a committed partnership. Capricorn can count on passionate and surprising developments in love life and self-expression. A new love can suddenly turn your life upside down or you want to free yourself from constrictive relational ties. Your preference in love can change. Uranus in Taurus can lead to short-lived love affairs that start and end abruptly.

Give space to your creative abilities, because Uranus in Taurus brings new, more individualistic and unusual forms of creative self-expression. Children will undergo a major transformation during these years. Children need space to grow and become independent. An unexpected pregnancy can turn your life upside down or your inner child will manifest.

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For everyone with the Moon in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus can lead to positive changes at home or in the family. You will understand and experience emotions more consciously.

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Flashes of intuitive insight brings perspective to make necessary, positive changes in your life. With this all-changing energy of Uranus in Taurus until the end of April , the inner house of Aquarius will be strengthened and you will free yourself from stuck patterns and emotional bondage. Due to developments in your career, unexpected changes and breakthroughs occur in your domestic circumstances, children and family and in your emotional life. Old wounds needs to be cleaned up and difficult ties to the past have to be cut off.

This can be very liberating. Be prepared for these changes by being flexible. Through the influence of Uranus in Taurus, Aquarius gets the urge to travel to re find yourself. Unexpected circumstances caused by external factors "force" you to leave the house, to renovate or to move. Uranus in Taurus also brings about changes in family dynamics, such as a divorce, family expansion or children leaving home. Everyone with the Moon in Aquarius has to deal with unrest in the family or relocation. Instability in your inner world affects you emotionally.

SP: Inveroak. There is a brilliant balance in your daily life between impulses, about-turns and meticulous planning. Set this skill to work in every area of your life. Changes you have waited so long for can happen almost instantly. You might think you need more time for family questions but actually it is your attention that is required.

If you were worried about cash or your career, Mercury is now in place to help you to work through the issues and reboot inner confidence.

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If you are ready to fall in love again, a Taurus who believes in romance could have lots to offer. You are at your most determined and most thoughtful, seeing the difference between ambitions and dreams. This can be a game-changer at work.